Sports Moments You Just Can’t-Miss

Whatever the sport, athletes usually put themselves through intense training and experience crazy ordeals in order to achieve unbelievable stunts.

Lucky for us, many of these once-in-a-lifetime moments have been photographed, and you won’t believe what you’re about to see!

Parallel Player

Among the most controversial players in the NBA, Dennis Rodman stands out for his skills and stunts.

This perfectly timed picture was taken in 1997, at the United Center in Chicago. This amazing shot of Rodman was captured as floated in the air almost parallel to the  floor & proves to be one of the best photos ever taken in basketball history.

Tennis anyone?

More than being First lady, Michelle Obama has a great sense of fashion and fitness knowledge. Her intelligence and sense of humor are her best qualities, and she’s the most down to earth person the White House has ever seen.Her freaky passion for fitness has kept her healthy and in good shape.

This picture was taken during the ‘Let’s Move’ movement to stop child obesity and promote fitness awareness through sports. Though she might laugh seeing herself in this picture, it shows her passion for tennis and fitness.

Tennis Ball Galaxy

The interesting fact about the galaxy and the Milky Way is it’s never been captured in pictures, and always remains as some sort of figment of our imagination. But this amazing photographer has snapped this perfectly timed picture of a wet tennis ball spun into the air which creates a spiral formation that looks like the galaxy and the Milky Way.

The droplets spun off the ball look like tiny stars and planets revolving in the galaxy and the ball looks similar to the sun.

Is she doing a back flip?

Michelle Wingshan Kwan is known for her consistency and expressive artistry on ice and is widely considered as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time.

This amazing picture captures her extreme flexibility; it looks like she’s about to break her back! But don’t worry ice skating fans, there are more incredible pics yet to come!

MVP = Most Valuable Picker!

When all the cameras point at Lebron’s game and give him no private time, it’s no wonder we’re left with an intimate nose-picking moment.

It looks like he’s more confident in winning his nose picking than his ball game!


This kid looks like she’s trying to outrun these cyclists in their own race. But I don’t think she’ll win, as it looks like she’s running away from her home.

Getty Images

This opens up room for questions: where are this kid’s parents?! Is she running away from her mom & dad’s strict trail?! or Wait! Is that a boy or a girl? The long hair and cargo shorts give no clue; but keep on running kiddo! We believe in you!

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