Federal Court: Pelosi Can be Charged With Harrassment and Fraud for Illegal ‘Impeachment Inquiry’

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A Federal Court Judge has ruled that Nancy Pelosi is in breach of the public trust and can be prosecuted for fraud and harassment of a public official for her “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump. Justice Art Tubolls of the 12th Circuit Court of Injunctions and Affidavits put his gavel down this morning on the impeachment inquiry and issued a stern warning to Speaker Pelosi:

“Unless the Speaker drops this nonsense, this fictitious thing she’s doing stands to destroy our great leader. That’s not something that would be good. For America, the Kurds, or for Bosnia. The Turks and Russians are watching as this woman makes a mockery of our constitution by bringing forth charges under article 19 section 51.

“Ms. Pelosi is on notice that any further inquiry without approval from the Justice Department will be dealt with swiftly.”

Justice Tubolls has served on the court for more than 13 years and was appointed by Barack Obama. Clearly, this impeachment nonsense is trickling down to both sides. Most people would say this was some kind of politically motivated ruling, but Tubolls is himself half black and therefore the race card Democrats like to play is off the table.

President Trump hasn’t responded to the ruling yet, which was immediately overturned by a higher court that actually exists to do more than just cater to Nancy Pelosi. That court agreed that the ruling was in order but stopped short of issuing arrest warrants until they can talk it over with the President and Attorney General William Barr.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story and inform you when indictments are formally issued.

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