Dr. Jill Biden: ‘All Americans Will Be Required to Learn Spanish’ (VIDEO)

Dr. Jill Biden, former English teacher, and wife of Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, appears to be counting her huevos before they hatch.

Her only initiative as First Lady will be to require all Americans to learn Spanish. As everyone knows, there’s only one language that we speak in the United States and that is English.


She claims that the purpose of learning Spanish is to be competitive in the Western Hemisphere’s business and cultural arena.  Obviously this is not true.

Jill Biden is seeking to complete the assimilation process to turn the United States into part of Mexico and to give free healthcare and welfare to all illegal immigrants on the backs of American taxpayers.

Biden spokesperson Arturo Tubollos spoke to the press.

“Los Estados Unidos de América es el único país del mundo que tiene ciudadanos que se enorgullecen de saber un solo idioma.  El resto del mundo se ríe de este país. Nos llaman estúpidos. Nos llaman ignorantes.

Jill Biden hará que Estados Unidos vuelva a ser competitivo. Los estadounidenses sabrán si alguien los está insultando en español. Sabrán responder. ¡También tendremos fútbol en la televisión todo el tiempo!

También vamos a dar lecciones gratuitas de cocina mexicana. La mayoría de la comida estadounidense sabe a aguas residuales, por lo que esto también será una mejora para sus vidas.

También usaremos solo números arábigos porque podemos.”

Unfortunately, no one was there to translate, but Sr. Tubolls sure seemed excited about something.  If he was excited about something in Spanish then we don’t want it in America!

We should follow the example of our current First Lady, Melania Trump.  She is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, though no one has ever actually witnessed her speaking any of those languages because we’re in the United States of America and we don’t do that here.

In America, you speak English or you go back to where you came from.  Keep America English only.




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