Don Jr. Challenges Cuomo with Possible Run for NY Governor

Anthony Cuomo is a disgrace as a Governor of New York State. Our present crisis has shown that he is incompetent and untrustworthy. He does not have what it takes to lead such a massive population and such a large economy.

With that in mind, our President’s son, Don Junior, a long-time New York resident, has decided that he can do better. Next week, he is expected to announce his candidacy for the governorship of New York State.

It’s expected that the announcement will be seen favorably by residents of the state who are now seeing that they were duped into voting for the incompetent and crooked Cuomo. They feel cheated and will welcome the change. New York needs a leader that is not crooked, someone who won’t steal funds from a charity.

Junior’s secretary, Sandy Batt, told us how he came to decide to run:

“Everybody saw the ventilators that Cuomo had hidden away in storage while he was begging the president for more. This is corruption the likes of which New York has never before seen. Add to that Cuomo’s lack of cooperation with the White House and opposition to much of what his father does, and it’s clear to Don that the state needs new leadership.

Don is intelligent, snarky, indifferent, wealthy, and has a beard. These are the same attributes that his father possesses and they have obviously served this country well in Washington, especially the beard part. Now his son wants to give the state that has resisted greatness the opportunity to become great again as well.“

We can think of no better candidate to replace the despicable Tony Cuomo than Donald Trump Junior, and we have no doubt that he will be victorious.

This is what this country needs more of — Trumps leading every state and city. The possibilities for greatness are endless. Perhaps one day, the Trumps will rule every state with an iron fist.

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