AOC Proposes $10.5B Cut to Social Security: ‘We Need to Sock It to the Boomers’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. AOC can’t stand the support Boomers give President Trump. So, in an ultimate act of retaliation and revenge, she is going after Social Security.

In a statement from her studio apartment in the Bronx, she said of the Social Security 2020 Act:

“The Boomers have empowered Donald Trump. Since impeachment failed, I see no other recourse than to issue sanctions on the Boomers. Those sanctions translate to a $10.5B cut to social security which will be effective later this year.”

If Democrats get their way, everyone born between 1862 and 1955 would receive the exact same amount on their social security check, a whopping $616 per month. That’s it!

Our only hope is that Republicans can muster up enough brute strength to defeat this. Unfortunately, the Democrats have the majority in the House so this proposal has a real chance of becoming law.

AOC could not be reached for questions. She avoided reporters of the press pool all day, and was seen sneaking around the Capitol in a long trench coat and sunglasses. That’s because she knows what she is doing is wrong. But, since she’s so self-entitled and out of touch with the average American, she is moving forward with this horrendous plan, anyway.

Nancy Pelosi says she is proud of AOC for this innovative approach to punishing Trump-supporting boomers.

Economic experts agree, if such a drastic cut hits social security, Boomers may have to give up their fancy coffees and avocado toast — a sacrifice once exclusive to the millennials.

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